" TRUST in Allah wont make the mountains smaller but make CLIMBING easier. DO NOT ask Allah for a lighter load, but ask Allah for a STRONGER BACK..."

Sunday, July 10, 2016

" Just when you think you're going nuts, Don't wait."

When I started to lose myself to me, that's when I seek for help. You see, when I go "nuts", the people around me are like the "cage" that kept me bounded.
I submissively let myself in to be locked.

And thank Allah, He surrounds me with "cages" that are built from the most hard core material ever known to exist. Imaan.

Being bounded inside that cage not only kept me from further destroying myself. It kept me from dragging others.

 And although being caged, I am the most lucky prisoner. Cage didn't just only hold me, it guides me how to be "sane" again.
I have a secure place to properly re-evaluate my inner self.

That's why, when you think you're going nuts, never trust yourself. Go and rely on beings that have strong roots to Allah The All Mighty.

Didn't matter how long it will take.