" TRUST in Allah wont make the mountains smaller but make CLIMBING easier. DO NOT ask Allah for a lighter load, but ask Allah for a STRONGER BACK..."

Monday, May 25, 2015

" A Beautiful Mind: In Memory of John Nash "

Recently, being told of the death of a genius mathematician, John Forbes Nash. He was known for his world changing theory, "Nash Equilibrium" or also known as the game theory.
What's more unique, behind this genius mind, lies an inspiring battle against Schizophrenia. A movie was made about him. About how he battled the disease. 'A Beautiful Mind, 2001'.


Many say that mental illness may be caused by lack of spiritual engagement, the way we cope with the stress and madness of life, or may be a factor of genetics.

For mental patients, sometimes the best and ultimate treatment for them is love and having someone to help, support them along the way. Someone ready to accept them the way they are.
Truly, they are the toughest fighters.

Wondering, how well psychiatrists nowadays drive their patients back towards Allah.

Psychiatrics. One day, maybe.